Who we are

Sand Tattoos is the product of a beautiful friendship, one of those you only encounter a few times in a lifetime. We met for the first time at a glamorous party in the Hollywood Hills, in Los Angeles, the city where all dreams can come true. As we are both living on the opposite side of the world working hard to develop our carreers as actress and singer, we soon became best friends.
In love with life, art and music, we decided to design a product that allows everyone to express their creativeness and individuality: Sand Tattoos.

Each collection has a different meaning to allow everyone to choose how to tell his own story through the different applications and styling of the tattoos. Sand Tatoos are elegant and glamorous but also sexy, bold and impossible to miss (which we love 😉 ).

Sand Tattoos is not only a product, they are an unforgettable experience to share with friends and those you love.

Sand Tattoos